I've compiled this page based on some of the more specific queries I receive on a regular basis. If you do have questions, I'd love to talk to you, so please do call me on 07986 861688 or email paul@paulcliffordimages.com.

And if you're wondering if you need a professional photographer, have a read of the 'Why use a professional photographer?' page.

Won't I get the same result from my own digital camera or phone?
We all know photographic technology has moved on enormously, putting powerful cameras into phones and tablets, and making good equipment more affordable. However, you still need the right technology for the right job. Without specialist equipment and lenses and the knowledge to use them, images will be less sharp and detailed than you need them to be, won't be able to fit everything you need into the image, leading to spaces looking cramped and small. Colour won't be quite right, walls may be wonky, and you may also encounter exposure problems such as white skies, over exposed windows and colour casts. The day of the shoot is only a small part of the process for me; much of the work goes on afterwards in careful post-production combining a range of shots to produce the perfect image. It's also important to note that things can look very different from varying angles. Being able to recognise the best choice of shot, arranging furniture and choosing the correct lens is essential. Remember - photography is the most important part of any campaign - it's vitally important to get it right.

Are photographs from Paul Clifford Images for use online or in print?
Both. I produce images at a high print resolution, which can be used to print at a high quality up to A2 size and beyond for signboards and so on. You can also use the images on the internet as large as you wish - in this case it would be wise to resize the images to ensure the best appearance on a web page at the correct size. I can help you with this, and we also provide you with these smaller low resolution images at no extra cost.

Are there any licensing costs to use photographs I purchase from Paul Clifford Images?
No – once the project is completed and signed off you receive the image files. There are no further subscription or licensing costs of any kind, and no branding or watermarking on the images. You are free to use the images however, wherever and as often as you please.

I need to photograph an interior space that is currently occupied / in a mess, is it worth shooting?
Usually yes. I have a lot of experience in this area - if there is material that is inappropriate, I can remove it in post production or even move it and shoot multiple exposures to seamlessly create what appears to be an 'empty' room in the image. Any residents or tenants currently on site will be treated with the utmost respect and I am happy to shoot confidentially when the situation demands it.

What happens if the weather is terrible on the day of an outdoor photo shoot?
In this case, I will usually contact you that morning to discuss what you would like to do. Cloudy or grey days are not a problem as I am able to add realistic skies and naturally brighten images in post production. Only heavy rain or snow create problems with external shots, in those cases we can either reschedule or capture the interior shots and return at a later date for externals.

Will you need to set up large lighting rigs and reflectors?
My experience, combined with specialist professional level digital equipment, mean I can shoot multiple exposures on site and combine them to create the perfect image later. These advanced techniques allow me to minimise disruption by eliminating the requirement for any extra lighting on site.

How are the photographs supplied?
I can supply you the files either via email, via online file sharing or even on a CD, DVD or Blu Ray as you prefer.

Are you covered by insurance?
Yes. I am fully covered by public liability insurance.

How much will it cost?
This will vary depending on the project - but you will find my prices very competitive. Please call me on 07986 861688 or email paul@paulcliffordimages.com for more details, or for a friendly chat about what you need.

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